Monday, June 9, 2014

Enough Already...This is Why I Blog

why I blog at

If my world isn't crazy enough as it is, I decided to throw blogging into the mix. So why would I do such a thing? Many reasons,

1. Creative Outlet--So originally, I started it because I needed an avenue to express my creativity. I'm a creative person by nature and my marketing position wasn't full-filling that outlet. I started reading other blogs and got addicted. At one point I was reading about 25 blogs a day--all on various different topics--from crafts, decorating, fitness, tech, name it, I was reading it! One day, I shared a blog post with a friend and she encouraged me to start one. I shrugged it off! And then, got the nerve up to do it and, they say, the rest is history!

2. Learn New Things--When I started reading blogs, I learned so much. I started doing some of the things that I was learning on the blogs. Then I started sharing on Facebook and with my friends...well, when I decided to give this blog thing a try, I was amazed at all the cool things I learned how to do. It's crazy to think that I was able to do so much just by trying it!

3. Meet Fabulous People--So, I wasn't expecting this outcome while blogging, but it happened. You start leaving comments and sharing other bloggers work and you make friends--just like in the real world. You build virtual friendships and get comfortable asking for help, input and opinions. I've met some seriously amazing people since I've started blogging--just can't wait to meet them in person!

4. Giveaways--As a blog reader, I was always amazed on all the free stuff bloggers received and gave away. I thought you had to blog for years and have a huge following before receiving this stuff. I was surprised how quickly I received offers to test products or do give-aways. What fun, not only for me but my followers.

5. Inspire Others--I have really enjoyed receiving comments from readers who enjoyed a project or a recipe. Knowing that I inspire others to create, whether in the craft room or in the kitchen, makes me smile. I don't get paid to blog, so knowing I have an impact on someone's life is all I need.

If you've sat on the sidelines wondering if you should start your own blog, I will throw this back at you-- WHY NOT!?! What is there to lose? There is so much to gain. It's easy to get started and the perfect place to start is with Web Hosting Hub. The Hub has the best of everything to get you online faster. Great support, money back guarantee, and lots of tools to build your website.

When you decide to join the blogging world, let me know--I will start following you! Until then, thanks for visiting me today!

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