Thursday, August 23, 2012


So, I was out with a few friends recently to celebrate a birthday.  We headed to PF Chang's and Improv out in the suburbs. Can I just say, YUM to PF Chang's--never been there before but OH MY it was delicious! We had 2 Dinner for Two's (no we aren't pigs--there were 4 of us and we ended up bringing a lot home). I look forward to my next trip there! After dinner they present you with your check (of course) and a fortune cookie. The freaky part is that we all grabbed a cookie and read the fortune. I believe each one of us had a fortune that fit us perfectly. Here is mine:

I believe this with my whole heart. I try to work hard every day--whether it is with my job, exercise, with my family, you get the picture. I can only hope that the hard work will pay off. A long time ago I read my horoscope in the paper, cut it out and attached it to my monitor at work. It's a daily reminder for me. It reads: "When it comes to your work, put forth your very best efforts because what you accomplish will not go unnoticed nor unrewarded. Take pride in your productivity and purpose."

Do you believe in horoscopes or fortune cookie messages? Am I silly to believe that I picked that particular cookie for a reason? Who knows, but it gives me inspiration and determination.

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  1. No, you're not silly. Actually, Interpersonal Communication theory would completely support this: self-fulfilling prophecy. Simplistically, you believe you are destined for greatness, you work hard toward that end, you pick a fortune cookie that seems to support it, your ideas and actions are renewed and eventually get good results.

    PS The voice and energy in your blog posts in infectious!

  2. Renewed and Re-energized! Love it!


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