Friday, September 28, 2012

A little recreating

Me and the hubby were out to lunch the other day at a local establishment, Mary's Market. My lunch order came with a free cookie. Instead of going for the old traditional, standby chocolate chip cookie, I ordered the "cookie of the month" which happened to be an oatmeal cookie with a caramel drizzle. YUM. The cookie looked fabulous. I almost skipped my 1/2 sandwich and side salad so I could eat that cookie first, but I was a good girl and finished my lunch before I had dessert. It was tempting though.

The cookie was good, but not great. I told my husband that I was going to take on a challenge and try to recreate it with my own flare. I'm sure he thought "oh here we go again...", but oh well! What's life without a few challenges, right? So, my mission next week during my vacation from my "real job", I'm going to attempt to make this oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie with a caramel drizzle. Who wants to test them out? Let me know! Stay tuned for the results!


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