Thursday, September 6, 2012

Butterfly Canvas Art

I've been a "blog stalker" for about two years now. I love reading and being inspired by so many talented people. I love their creativity and how they express it. It's because of them that I started my own blog. This is my outlet. I'm starved for creativity at work, so in my spare time--that's what I do--create.
This project has been one of my all time favorites! It was inspired by this blog, who was inspired by this blog ...who probably inspired many other people, too! It was fun, easy and enjoyable for Hailey and I to do together. We added our own touch to it but putting a quote on it that we felt was fitting.
Here is our version of the Butterfly Canvas:
Butterfly Canvas by crazylou

Supplies needed:

Canvas (ours was 8x10)
Craft paint (any color)
Paper punch--we followed the butterfly theme, but you could do hearts or anything, really!
Watercolors & paint brush
Hot Glue Gun
Optional: Cricut paper cutting machine for quote (or stickers)

Pick the color of the paint that you would like your canvas to be. We wanted ours to be a lime green color. Have kids paint the canvas in even layers. Let dry. Meanwhile, the kids can watercolor the paper, painting with or without a pattern. Less water makes for brighter colors. Let dry. Punch out as many butterflies as you can or that you think you may need. This was fun for the kids! Now, begin hot gluing. This is recommended to be done by the adults unless you have a low temp glue gun. Arrange your butterflies on the canvas. We chose to do ours on an angle, as if they were flying off the canvas. Next, we decided to add a quote that we like. This is optional. I used my Cricut Cutting machine to cut out the letters and then Modge Podge them on the canvas. Next time, I think I will use vinyl!

This project of ours was featured on a few months back too! 

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