Friday, March 22, 2013

Photo Garden Spring Craft

Hello friends! Did you know it's officially Spring? We are 3 days in and there are still no signs of it around here! And they are calling for more snow this weekend! AGH! I want to wear flip flops and run outside! Anyways, I've got a cute little craft that Carson and I did together awhile ago. We decided to give it to Grandma Rowe for her birthday, but I think it would be a nice Mother's Day gift, too!
The project takes just a few supplies to come together, which you could purchase at the Dollar Store, if you didn't already have them in your craft supplies at home! You will need a sytrofoam circle (or square would work too!), craft sticks, craft paint, pictures of your kids, craft punch or scissors, hot glue gun, ribbon and tag.
photo garden

First Step:
Paint your craft sticks. We decided upon 4 different colors. Carson got crazy mixing up the paints on the sticks to make it more colorful. I love how they turned out! Allow paint to dry.
Second Step:
Cut the faces out that you want to display in your garden. I used a craft punch, but scissors would work just fine too! I punched out 2 additional scalloped punches from scrap paper to put behind the picture to give it a finished look.
Third Step:
Once the paint on the sticks is dry, you are going to break off pieces at one end to give a jagged fence look. If you didn't want a jagged fence look, you could cut off the ends so all of the sticks were the same size, but a little bit taller than the foam circle. Keep the broken or cut ends to use later! Keep enough sticks for the amount of pictures you have--these you will want longer.
Forth Step:
Hot glue the cut sticks around the foam circle--make sure to line them up evenly at the bottom edge of the circle. Allow to dry. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the fence to give it a complete look, hot glue to keep in place. Attach a tag if you wish.
Fifth Step:
Grab your pictures and broken/cut sticks and create a "flower" pattern with the sticks behind the picture. Glue sticks together and to the picture. Now, glue the flower to a painted craft stick. On the opposite side of the flower, hot glue the cut-out scrap paper to cover the back of the picture. Stick into the foam circle.
Last Step:
Hot glue some "grass" to cover up the foam circle. We used green shredded paper from the Target Dollar Section (LOVE!). Now, wrap it up and give it away--or display it with pride in your home or office!

What do you think? For less than $5, I created a nice gift for a special person! I think it turned out great--what a way to cheer someone up too! Who said a garden had to have real flowers in it?!?!

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  1. What do I think??? It's amazing and I wish I had thought of it!! Now I can make one, too. It's perfect for the center of the Easter table with all the people who are invited! I love it. You helped make the party wonderful!!! Linda

    Just one thing.. it would be easier to leave comments if you turned off Captcha...

    1. Love that idea--can't believe I didn't think about the centerpiece idea! AND THANK YOU for the heads up on Captcha--didn't know what it was, so I googled it and now it should be fixed! THANK YOU, Friend!!


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