Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall Fitness Challenge with and a GIVEAWAY!

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I've done a few fitness challenges in the past that have been a big hit!

But, for the next fitness challenge, I wanted to partner up with someone I work out with occassionally...Jessica Smith. She has an awesome blog and YouTube Channel. She offers a ton of FREE workout videos (not to mention great motivation)! Next month, she is doing a Fall Fitness Challenge and offering some prizes!

What I love about Jessica's video's is that they can be done with little or no equipment and accomplished in a small area, plus--they are not difficult (choregraphy-wise), but they are a little challenging (she shows you ways to increase or decrease the difficulty). And, her dog Peanut (adorbs!) joins her in most (if not all) of her videos.
So, are you ready to join me? It's 20 days. It's FREE. She's provides the workouts for you. It's less than 30 minutes every day. Not convinced yet?

Here, watch her video (that's Peanut!):

To join the challenge:
  1. Go to and Follow her blog.
  2. Next, subscribe to her YouTube Channel. You will have to check it there every day for a chance at the prizes.
  3. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook. (optional, but recommended!)
  4. Leave me a comment to let me know you are doing the challenge!
We've got this! We will gain more energy and feel better. There is nothing to lose! I look forward to working out with you! C' starts next Monday!

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