Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Bucket List--Free Printable

I'm bound and determined to make it start feeling like Fall!! Geez...we couldn't get summer during the actual summer months, but lately, it's been HOT! I did a Summer Fun List earlier this year, you can see it here. Surprisingly, with our 2 week trip to Europe, we still managed to get most of these checked off! (have you caught the recap posts of our trip? You can find them here, here and here.)

After writing an article for, I decided to make a Fall Bucket List. You can read about that post here. (ps: they are looking for more contributors, so shoot me an email if you are interested!)

Let's see if we can tackle all of these before the leaves all blow away and the snow starts falling (ugh, I don't like the sound of that already!!)

Fall Bucket List Printable

Want this as a FREE printable? Click on the photo to save as and print or click here to grab it off of Google Drive.

What is one item on your FALL BUCKET LIST?


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