Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crazy-easy Polka-dotted Wooden Frame

Remember last week when I shared a quote and said that I had a project for that quote? Well...I finally took pictures and can share it with you. Just in case you missed my previous post, you can find it here.

This has got to be one of the easiest craft projects to do. Hardly any skills are required. My kids could do this. Which means if you don't think you are "crafty" need to try this! It's crazy-easy to do! I dare you to try it!!

Easy Polka-Dot Wooden Frame by crazylou. #wooden #frame #spray #paint #dots

Here's the basic instructions for this polka-dotted frame.

Wooden Frame ($1 from Michaels)
Spray Paint (2 colors, I used black and platinum silver)
Circle Stickers (I used garage sale stickers)

Wipe off frame with cloth. Spray paint base coat. This will be your bottom layer or the color of your polka dots. Allow to dry. Arrange circle stickers over the frame. Press each one down to secure it to the wood. Take second color and spray paint over the frame. Allow to dry. Peel stickers off of frame and enjoy your new crafty creation!

Easy Polka-Dot Wooden Frame by crazylou. #wooden #frame #spray #paint #dots

I love it! You could use green and red for a holiday theme, add a bow or leave it as is. I can't wait to give this as a gift this holiday season!

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