Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bowling Birthday Party!!

It's been more than a month since we've celebrated
my son's 8th birthday and I am finally getting around
to sharing it with you.
It all started with his idea to have a bowling party.
And my obession of going overboard.
Super fun ideas for your next bowling birthday party! #birthday #party #bowling #kids
Here's what we did:
Bowling Birthday Party Invites

These were the invites I created in Publisher. I printed them on White Card Stock and sent them as postcards.

Bowling Birthday Party Bag Tops
These are the treat bag toppers. I filled the bags with gumballs and Rolo's.

Strike--bowling party birthday

I cut these out and taped them to a wooden skewer. I used this "picks" in the pails of food on the table.

bowling birthday party
We bought red and blue plastic table clothes to coordinate with the colors in the invite. I used my Cricut to cut out white card stock circles for the black cake plates--they look like bowling balls!
bowling birthday party
Here you can see the STRIKE picks displayed in the food pails!
Bowling Ball Pinata Cake

I decided to make a Pinata Cake for his birthday because it would be round like a bowling ball. Unfortunately, it looked more like a ghost after I frosted it! I didn't want the kids to have black-stained mouth, tongue and lips by frosting it in black, so I went with the white frosting. Once I put the finger holes of the bowling ball on the cake, I realized it looked more like a ghost than a bowling ball. (didn't help that his birthday is only a few weeks away from Halloween!)

Pinata cake filled with candy

It was fun watching the boys reaction when I cut into the cake! I stuffed that cake with Skittles, Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Worms, M-n-M's and candy corn. It turned out great, but the boys were really only interested in the candy!

I'll share the how-to for the Pinata Cake later on!

I'm already working on Hailey's--she wants a sledding party. Not sure what PLAN B is if we don't get enough snow by the time her birthday rolls around at the end of December!.

Here's what we did last year for his 7th Birthday:

football party

Do you ever get carried away planning parties for your kids? Share a story with me!

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