Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's a Happy 7th Birthday!

My son is OBSESSED with sports--you name it, he loves it. In fact, he chooses to watch Sports Center on ESPN versus Sponge Bob! What 7 year old does that? He's really into football right now (surprise, surprise--GO BEARS)!

His 7th Birthday was coming up and he wanted the theme to be Football. Done. So when we started planning his party, all he wanted to do at his party was play a football game. But, I couldn't just let them do that, now could I? It took me almost 2 weeks to convince my husband that we should spray paint our backyard and make it look like a real football field. I also convinced him that we needed to make a goal post out of pvc pipe. 

Carson decided on his cake (thanks to some of the PINS I gathered on Pinterest) and agreed  that we needed to do something other than play a football game during the party. We decided we would have a punting contest and a football throwing contest (using that awesome pvc goal post!). He requested a simple menu of hot dogs, chips and Kool-Aid (good enough for me!)
So as party planning was underway, we kept our fingers crossed that the weather would hold out. We've had a dry summer and so far the fall was dry too (Hello--did anyone hear about that drought?). But, as the weekend approached, the rain chances increased.

NO RAIN--WE HAVE LOTS OF BOYS COMING TO PLAY FOOTBALL ON OUR BACKYARD FOOTBALL FIELD! I prayed and prayed for no rain, but we weren't lucky enough. So, onto Plan B...which also meant no football field or goal post. Bummer.

So, what do you do with twelve 7 year olds that were planning on playing football outside? Well, Plan B meant a game of Flick Football (paper football that you flick into a "finger goal post), Pin the Football on the Goalpost, and HOT! Football (like HOT Potato)! (all of these Carson approved of!) But, when it came to party time, all the boys wanted to do was play the house! YIKES! But, they managed to do a good job of not breaking anything! We did get two of the three games in and prizes were awarded! Next, it was time for lunch! Boys. Can. Eat. Then it was time for gifts and before you knew it, cake and ice cream, too! The party was a hit and it seemed like everyone had fun despite the rainy weather conditions! Each boy was sent home with a Football Cup filled with candy, silly straw and football trading cards!

Here are a few pictures from the party:

Carson didn't want anything "written" on the cake, so I made a "Happy 7th Carson" banner and hung it off of two brown and white straws! The goal posts were made from
popsicle sticks, mini chocolates were the players, and we added green sugar to make the field look like grass. Each end zone had to be a Chicago Bears Color.

So glad you stopped in!


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