Monday, November 5, 2012

Be Thankful

A lot has happened over the course of the week. There was tragedy out East, there is a local woman whose gone missing, there was another police shooting where the police officer is made out to be the bad guy, and many many more horrible happenings I'm sure. So as the beginning of November is here, I've decided to start Grateful Monday's. Why did I choose Monday? Well, I think Monday's are hard days. I mean, we have to get up and go to work, get the kids off to school...the weekend is over! So, why not choose that day to focus on all the good in life?

So today, Monday, November 5th, I am grateful for my husband. For one,  our relationship is more like a partnership--at home, with the kids, with our finances, with our hobbies. We listen, we give and take, there are compromises and sharing of responsibilities. He is active in our children's lives, he helps around the house (yes, he does laundry!), he works hard as a protector of our society and leader of his shift and he supports me in my crazy adventures. Our home wouldn't be a home without him. My life wouldn't be complete either.

I am also grateful for the ability to drive. Just a short while ago I had to renew my Drivers License and take a vision test. Boy, I didn't realize how nervous that would make me. But as I sat waiting for my turn, I thought about how much I drive and how much I would not be able to do if I didn't have a Drivers License, let alone a car! When I approached the counter to answer the standard questions about my health, I could feel my palms get sweaty! And then I had to take that vision test. I passed, but geez, you would have thought it was my first time there--I was a wreak!

So, share with me, today Monday, November 5th--what are your grateful for? Here's a free printable for you! Happy Monday! Make it a great week!


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