Thursday, September 5, 2013

40 Blows! It's a Great Gift Idea!

I'm at that age where a lot of my friends are turning 40! Thankfully, I've got another year for the big 4-0! With my creative bones in me, I can't just simply send a card or drop a Facebook message to wish them a Happy Birthday, nope, I've got to create!

40 Blows! Etched Wine glass filled with gum balls and topped off with Blow Pops!
I can't take complete credit from this, however, I did put my own "Crazylou" spin on it! I found my inspiration from Pinterest, which lead me to this blog.

I decided to etch a wine glass to give it a more personal touch to my friend. I've done etching before and it was easy, so I gave it a whirl. LOVE IT!! If you haven't tried etching, you really should. Its super easy and very quick to process. Here's a close-up:
Etched Wine Glass

Now that the wine glass is etched, stuff a green florist block down inside. I had a circle shaped one and needed to trim a bit off the sides! This is what the suckers will stick into.

Fill the wine glass with gum balls. Next take your blow pops and arrange as many as you can on the top, securing the sticks in the florist block.

Attach a cute ribbon and tag and you are set!

40 Blows with etched glass

Here's a FREE Printable for you to use! Right click the image to save it or click here to download it.
40 Blows Printable Tags

Here's a list of the products I used, you can get them off of Amazon or from your favorite craft store!
(I am an affiliate for Amazon, so if you do purchase off of these links, I will receive a small compensation from the purchase)

So, have you done anything crafty to celebrate a friend's birthday? If so, what was it?


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