Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

We have a few Valentine's Day traditions in our of them is a Scavenger Hunt. The kids enjoy reading the clues and going from room to room which leads them to the Valentine's Day Surprise!
These are pictures from 2009 (my kids have changed so much!)--I must not have taken pictures during the hunt since then (and this was way before I ever thought I'd have a blog)!!

valentines day tradition, scavenger hunt
 Clue's were typically easy! Here are a few examples to get you thinking:
  • We don't wear shoes in the house, this is where we should put them. (shoe closet)
  • ZZZZZZ this is where you find dad snoring. (parents bed)
  • The only purple room in the house. (Hailey's bedroom)
  • Crunch and munch, this is where you find the snacks. (pantry, snack bin)
  •'s relaxing. (whirlpool tub)
  • Craftiness happens here. (craft room)
  • Splish, splash Carson is taking a bath. (kids tub)
  •'s cold in here! (freezer)
At the end of the hunt they find their little treat bag. Something small and simple. 

Our other tradition is making heart-shaped pizza's for dinner. Each kid makes their own! Such fun!
valentine tradtions, heart shaped pizza
valentine traditions, heart shaped pizza

So, what kind of Valentine's Day traditions does your family do?

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