Friday, May 10, 2013


Wow--am I happy it's finally Friday! Last weekend was busy with sports and a fun 5K Color Run for charity.  Here's a few snapshots:

Carson's baseball season is in full swing. He gets so excited on game day! We also had Hailey's volleyball game on Saturday, too, but those pictures never turn out (in the gym!).

Our first Color Run 5k--Hailey did it with many of her classmates! What fun!

Here we are after the run!
Carson & I after the run--he ran with me the entire time! Way to go buddy! This is his second 5K!

Now, on to my favorite pins!

Make at home foot soak--check out how easy it is to do at Tidy Mom.

I'm drooling over these! I love General Tso's Chicken, so these must be good! Click here for the recipe.

These are adorable! They would make great gifts for all sorts of occasions. Get the low down over at Nothing But Country.
Hope you enjoy your weekend--Happy Mother's Day !


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