Friday, May 31, 2013


Wow, with the holiday on Monday, this week certainly flew by. Is it me or did you second guess what day it was almost all week long?! Geez...I think I'm getting old. 

I'm running in the Color Vibe this weekend...hoping to post pics early next week, but if you don't want to miss out, follow me on Instagram--they will be there for sure! Here are a few pictures from last night, which I posted to Instagram:
My little man got to play catcher last night in his baseball game. He did great!

The game got cut short because of a storm rolling pic, huh?

Now...onto the pins...

Let's start this off on the right note:

Wow...two versions of this Strawberry Drink (one alcholic and one kid friendly).
Check out Crazy For Crust for the recipes.

I love baked Sweet Potato Fries...these look tasty!

Happy Hour Projects makes everything look so easy in her tutorials! I really need to try this!

Until next time...I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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