Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wood Photo Block

Happy Wednesday! I'm sharing a project I made for our mom's for Mother's Day this past weekend. (by the way, here is a pic of me and my kiddos on Mother's Day--aren't they cute?)

Okau, now on to the project! I originally saw this idea from the Groopdealz daily email about a month ago. I already had the supplies on hand so this project/gift cost me nothing! Even if you didn't, it still wouldn't cost that much to put together.

Wood Photo Block

Wood block (size depends on how many photos you'd like to display)
Scrapbook paper
Vinyl letters or stickers
Modge Podge
Mini Craft Clothes Pins
E600 Glue

Sand the wood block and wipe away dust. Measure scrapbook paper to fit the size of your wood block. I chose a neutral paper. Apply Modge Podge to the wood block and carefully place the paper over top. Smooth out the paper. I also sanded the edges of the paper for a "rough" look. 
Cut out the saying you want to put on your block. I used the one that was on the Groopdealz, because I thought it was perfect. But, you could use this for Graduations (Class of 2013), Mother's Day (My Precious Blessings), Father's Day (My Cool Kids), etc. Once you have your vinyl letters or stickers ready, place them on the block, centering it on the block, but also allowing space on top for the clothes pins. 
Next, space out the clothes pins evenly. Apply E600 glue to the back of the clothes pins and place in desired spot. Allow to dry. Find your favorite pictures, cut to size and stick in the clothes pin! 
This project came together quickly, too. With the drying time included, it was less than 1 hour! I love how these turned out--and I believe the Grandma's loved them too!

Wood Photo Block

What do you think? Cute, huh? I'm loving the expression on Carson's face in one of the pictures--priceless!!

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  1. Such a cute idea! I love the idea of using the clips so you can switch out pictures as they get older.

  2. Nice picture holder! Thanks for sharing every week!!! Linda


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