Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Post -- Part 2 DIY Wall Art

In part one of this DIY wall art mini-series, we learned how to find great photos (FOR FREE) on flickr and download them onto our computers. Need a refresher? Click here!

On to part two of this schnazzy little tutorial: Printing & Framing


1. If you are going for a standard size, say 8x10, you can order your print from any of the standard choices (Shutterfly, CVS, etc.). If you want to get a little fancy, go for a matte finish for a slightly different, more artsy look. 

2. I decided to get all complicated and downloaded square photos so I needed square prints. If your photo is not a square but you would like it to be, order an 8x10 and trim it down to an 8x8. If your photo IS in fact a square you have a few different options. 

  • Shutterfly Scrapbook Page- It sounds super fancy but really it is just a square print. Click on this link and choose "Print Your Digital Scrapbook." Basically it gives you a blank "scrapbook page." Just plug your photo in and you are in biz. This will run you $3.49. (They also have a 12x12 option which is $6.99). This is where I ordered my prints from and I was very pleased with the quality. Highly recommend!
  • RitzPix- I have not ordered from them so I can not attest to their quality but they do offer 5x5 square prints as well as a larger variety of scrapbook page sizes.
  • You can order 4x4 photos from your phone using a slick little app called PostalPix (app love!). 4x4 prints start around 30 cents.

3. NOTE: Before ordering, make sure you have your frames picked out! Frames for square prints are getting more popular but can still be a little tricky to find. 

Which brings us to a couple of tips on...


1. Download the Michaels app or grab a coupon from your craft store's flyer if you are not a super-appy person. Because we have a Michaels nearby I have been known to make a trip to Michaels to buy one frame (if I am going that way anyway) and make another trip another day with another coupon. Sometimes those coupons are so good they are worth it! This is where I found the frames you saw in the first part of this mini-series.

2. I have found classic plain black frames at the DOLLAR STORE. Yup! The quality wasn't fabulous but for $1 they will do. Great for the kiddos' rooms or a play room.

Once your prints arrive, slap those babies in their frames and get them up on the wall and TADA... you just DIY'd yourself some wall art. They make FABulous gifts, too! Enjoy! XO

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