Thursday, December 12, 2013

HO HO's a review of the Nexus 7 #Staples

Thank you to Staples for providing me with the Nexus 7 to review. All opinions are my own.

I was excited to receive the tablet in the mail and it came super fast. We opened up the box like it was Christmas! My kids were super excited! Thankfully, it was easy to set-up and it was already (somewhat) charged so we could start using it right away!

I'm a big fan of Google Products. I love my Android phone. The apps, the look, the feel of the device suits me perfectly. The coolest thing that happened when I started setting up the Nexus 7 tablet was that once I plugged in my Gmail account, it started to load up the apps that I had on my phone! So awesome--and for a busy mom, a HUGE timesaver!

The kids took it over and loaded up on some of their favorite games. Now I knew it was going to be hard to get my hands on it! They love the size of it. They love how sleek and cool looking it is. And they love how fast everything loads.

Once I was able to use it for awhile, I browsed Pinterest, checked Facebook, cleaned out my email and also posted a few pictures on Google + ! This is now my new favorite toy! I love the size of it, too. It fits into my purse and isn't bulky.

It comes loaded with Google Now--which is super cool! From knowing the weather before you start your day, to planning the best route to avoid traffic, or even checking your favorite team’s score while they’re playing, Google Now brings you the information you want, when you need it.

Every Home screen shows the Favorites tray - another quick way to get to your apps and more.
At the bottom of every screen, no matter what you're doing, you'll always find these three navigation buttons:
  • Back: Opens the previous screen you were working in, even if it was in a different app. Once you back up to the Home screen, you can't go back any further in your history.
  • Home: Opens Home. If you’re viewing a left or right Home screen, opens the central Home screen. To open Google Now, swipe up.
  • Recent apps: Opens a list of thumbnail images of apps you’ve worked with recently. To open an app, touch it. To remove a thumbnail from the list, swipe it left or right.

It really makes navigating around your tablet SUPER easy! Another reason I LOVE Android products!

Here are a few pictures I took with it--so much better quality than our other tablet!

Anyone else behind on wrapping gifts? Ugh!

Here is our lazy dog...just thinking about playing with his ball!

And the kids had fun taking pictures with it too!


If you've got a hard-to-buy for person on your gift list, this would be an awesome gift! I highly recommend it. Head to to get yours shipped to your doorstop quickly and just in time for gift giving!

Gotta go--the Nexus is calling my name and it's time to play!!

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