Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tasty Tuesday--merci Chocolates Giveaway

Happy Tuesday! Today for Tasty Tuesday, I'm not sharing a recipe. It's better. I'm sharing chocolates! Have you heard of merci Chocolates? Have you tasted them? If not, you are surely missing out. These are amazing little chocolates. The folks over at merci gave me a box to sample and to give away!! How sweet are they?!

merci Chocolates! Giveaway!
My husband and I had the lovely chore (wish I had more chores like that!) of taste testing these--my favorite is the Hazelnut-Almond. I think my husband enjoyed the Cream Truffle the best.

Each box of merci includes a delicious selection of rich, European chocolates made from the finest ingredients. Flavors range from Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut-Almond to Dark Cream and Praline-Crème and are truly scrumptious.  I love the cute packaging too--there are plenty little chocolates in the box--so you could easily gift the entire box or package it up into multiple gifts!

merci Chocolates! Giveaway!
I love there message, too--a delicious thank you. Check out their website for more ways to tell someone thank you.

Check out their Facebook page too-- they have a really cool app, the Thank-You-Maker! You can send a friend a meaningful thank you, and in return receive a Buy One Get One Free coupon!

So, today is your lucky day, my way of saying thank you! I will be giving away a merci Chocolate gift package to one lucky CRAZYLOU reader!

It's simple to enter, simply leave me a blog post on who you would like to give a big THANK YOU to this holiday season!

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