Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Super Sweet Corn

We are fortunate to live closely to a farm that produces THE best sweet corn EVER! In fact, they developed a hybrid sweet corn that has changed the meaning of sweet corn! From their website, its deemed the sweetest, most tender and flavorful corn available to customers worldwide--and it was developed right in our area! Cool, eh? Try it and you won't ever want anything other than Mirai!
I decided to cook the corn a bit differently this time (did you know this stuff is so sweet/tender you don't even need to cook it!). I put it in the oven! WHAT? I know, we usually do a quick boil (they recommend 2.5-3 minutes), but I wanted to try something different--pinterest inspired! (this is my original pin source)
It couldn't be easier. Here's the quick recipe:
Put whole ears, with husks/silks still on in a 350 degree oven. Set timer for 30 mintues. Cook the rest of your dinner. When timer goes off remove the corn from the oven. Now, you can do one of two things: pull husks/silk back and eat rustic (aka messy) or cut off the bottom end and easily shuck the corn husks/silk into the garbage. We opted for #2. Top corn with your favorite toppings. We did butter spray and pepper.

Can I tell you how much we enjoyed this corn! OMY!! (oh my yum!) So delicious! Now, go try it for yourself. It was easy and tasty--can't ask for anything more!


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