Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Cheer, Introducing The HIGHKICK

Boy oh boy!!! I hope this week goes better than last week. After I week I had last week, I could have really used this beverage! I created this beverage concoction awhile ago. Not sure how it came about, but it's delicious! Whether its a hot day outside and you need a tasty refreshment or you are chillin' with your girlfriends--this makes the perfect companion! The drink went nameless for quite some time, but after a weekend trip with my college Sorority sisters a few years ago, the name struck me--my best friend Jen suggested something to do with "highkicks" because I was known to do highkicks in college (never was a cheerleader, but proud to say that I still can!) and I knew that had to be the name--simple and easy to remember and a tribute to my good 'ole college days! So, without further ado...introducing a great new Holiday Cheer to add to your spread this year:


Diet Cranberry Sierra Mist
Bacardi Razz Rum

Drop some ice in a pretty glass. Pour the Diet Cranberry Sierra Mist in, leaving an inch or so on top and then add a shot or a shot and a half of the Bacardi Razz. Stir. Enjoy!

I served up this tasty beverage when my college friends visited back in November. This is a picture of Micki telling Rina that is "REALLY IS THAT GOOD!" 
Now, I can't be responsible for anyone's actions after drinking this beverage. It didn't get its name because it causes you to do HIGHKICKS, but it may make you believe you can! (lol)

Hope you have a great week!


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  1. Obvi! I was on a mission to buy alcohol last night. Saw the Sierra Mist, but no Bacardi Razz at WallyWorld! Sigh.


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