Friday, February 1, 2013

Sweetheart Mantle

I have major anxiety over my mantle. I just never know how it should look. Typically I only change it up around Christmas, but this year, I decided to spice things up and surprise my family by decorating it for Valentine's Day! It was simple to do and everything I put up there I already had from previous years of decorating for love day! I don't go all out for this occasion, so the mantle is it in our house!
Crazylou's Valentine's Day MantleHere are pictures of each of the "little" projects that make up the entire mantle.

Dollar Store Candle Hurricane
Here I am using one of my Dollar Store Hurricanes. You can find the how-to here. I filled them with Dollar Store glitter hearts.

I added my daughter's play pink feather boa to the mantle for a little extra spice! Then I stuck in more Dollar Store Glitter Hearts (I kept these on the sticks).
A True Love Story Never Ends
 This is a printable I got either last year or the year before.You can get the printable HERE. Hanging from the printable frame is a tissue flower kissing ball. I have another one on the other side of the mantle too. You can find detailed instructions on The Idea Room's blog. The kids and I made these a couple of years ago--messy but fun!
LOVE Blocks
These LOVE blocks were so fun to make! And super simple too! I had the hubby cut down to the size I wanted and then I painted them a light pink with craft paint. Next, I sanded them down and cut scrapbook paper down to size. Modge Podge came in handy for the next step as I secured the scrapbook paper down to the wood. I let it dry and added the cut-out letters (done on my cricut) and Modge Podged those down too! I added a little ribbon on the sides for a little extra touch. You can see the other tissue kissing ball here too!
felt kissing ball
I took the idea of the kissing ball and used felt circles. Cutting the circles was a lot of work, but putting it together was super easy. Here was my inspiration. I put it on top of a clear candle holder and tied tulle around the neck of the candle holder.

That's it! There is my Valentine's Day Mantle. Do you change up your mantle for each of the Holiday's or seasons?

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