Friday, April 5, 2013


I have an obession...with Pinterest. You do to? Great! So glad we're friends! Oh wait, you've not joined? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Seriously--I love the inspiration I find on there daily and the great new blogs, websites or resources I come across.
If you are new to Pinterest, simply go to and create a profile. You can start following your Facebook Friends, me, Twitter, me...and once you start following people, you get to see the stuff they've pinned. You can choose to repin, like or keep scrolling.
AND, you can dowload a PIN IT button into your Favorites Bar. What does that do, you ask. It allows you to PIN an image from a website onto one of your PIN Boards. Why do that? Let's say you are thinking about redoing your master bedroom. If you make a Board titled Master Bedroom and you are messing about on the web and you find the PERFECT bedding set and you're not sure it will go with the entire theme, but you don't want to forget where you saw it--PIN IT! Or let's say you love to find recipes online from many different sources, when you find a great one, you can PIN it to a special board. For example, I have a Tasty Board, Sweet Tooth Board, Breakfast Food Board--you get the picture, right? So when you PIN the picture, you are also saving what it looks like AND the website page you were at. So the next time you want to make that tasty looking banana bread you saw 3 months ago, you can go to your Breakfast Food Board, click on the picture and it will take you to the source where you originally PINNED it. on Pinterest

AND more often than not, most websites/blogs have a PIN IT button near the picture (I have one at the end of all my posts). Click on it, and it will bring up all the images on that page available for you to PIN. Now, PIN the image you want to your specific board and continue on reading the article. You've just saved it for future use and you don't have to worry about saving it to your favorites or printing it out (until you're ready of course!).
Oh and the more you follow, the more cool, exciting PINs you will see so you can PIN them, too! You can also search for anything on Pinterest, too. So if you are looking for Potato Casserole, type that in and anything that was pinned with those words, will be shown to you. Play around and have fun. I like to look at the Popular Listing once in awhile too--just to make sure I'm not missing out on anything exciting!
If you aren't following Crazylou on Pinterest yet, just click here. Each week I'm going to start listing my favorite PINs and share my obession with you!

I'm drooling...find these at Food Family Finds
Adrianne shows us a simple way to make this cute braclet over at
Wish my garage looked as organized as Just a Girl.
Have a great weekend! Don't forget to join me on Pinterest!

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  1. Hey there; just wanted to let you know I'm following all of your social networks :o)


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