Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tasty Tuesday -- Guest Post, Melaine from Chitownstarconnections

This addition of Tasty Tuesday is being presented to you from another blog friend of mine, Melanie. She is doing a twist on my normal Tasty Tuesday post, but I think you will like the change of pace. Please welcome Melanie!

Hi! This is Melanie Christy of Chitownstarconnections. I am honored to submit to Cindy’s blog this week. I pondered what I would submit. Food?  But looking through my stuff, I found the perfect submission. Recently I had been sent a book that follows what Cindy’s blog represents.  It was humorous, yet also touching. If you are one of the millions who are disciples of the lifestyle gurus, this is your book.
Jen Lancaster is a local author who has made good. Her style reminds me a lot of the late Erma Bombeck , but with a touch of style for the milennium.  Previously, she has told of her life in Chicago and her move to the burbs. I am given a lot of books to read, some really touch me and others just seem they are no more than hard luck testimonies.  These authors just feel the need to tell their sob stories.   The Tao of Martha is a witty tale of a suburban woman who pledges a year of her life to the high deity- Martha Stewart.  But just as everything didn’t go well for Ms Stewart , the same goes for Jen. 
Readers will laugh hysterically at her holiday disasters. Not since Mary Richards parties on the MTM show, has a hostess failed this much. Halloweeners who wont come to the door and a Fourth of July party where both hosts get soused.  Just because some people try to follow directions , doesn’t necessarily mean that the project will turn out like the picture in the book.   This is the way that a kitchen works and this is the way that life works. 
But don’t be fooled that Jen’s book is all fun and games.  There is some serious stuff going on here too.  As a middle aged woman, Jen confronts her discovery of a lump in her breast.  She discusses her thoughts about cancer with wit and contempt.  My favorite part of the book is the love story between Jen and her best friends.  It will tear your heart out when she finally has to deal with the death of her dog , Maisy.  Animal lovers will find this part of the book touching as well. 
Whether she is crying over the death of her beloved Maisy, trying to understand her husband, or singing the praises of the glories of zucchini, Jen brings a little humor to your summer.  She is today’s every woman.  She laughs at things that others may not. 
A bit about me: Melanie Ferguson Christy moved to Chicago six years ago. Although she has appeared in several feature films and television series, she is now more known as the CEO and Editor of ChitownstarConnections.  Her blog covers the high profile events of the Windy City and features fun celebrity interviews. 

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