Friday, September 7, 2012

Give Me Strength

How am I going to deal with the teen years when I can't deal with the drama of a ten year old? Today, after an hour of curling her hair (school pictures were today!), it looked horrible. With five minutes to go before the school bus arrived, I brushed it out and tried to repair the mess. Ugh, the tears, the yelling, the talking back. It's my "Welcome to 5th Grade" party--although I never asked to be invited.

Look how sweet and beautiful she was:

And still is today...

Oh man, give me strength to deal with this strong-willed, talented and beautiful girl!


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  1. Cindy, we are in the same boat, I have 11,9 & 6 year old girls. My 11 year old is in a funky little phase that I am not enjoying....ugh....


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