Monday, March 25, 2013

Crazy! Super Simple Trick!

If your kids love pb&j like my kids do, you are going to love me for this crazy, simple trick. Especially if they don't care for crusts! My friend Angie gets full credit for this one--I saw her preparing her kids lunch one evening while we were over for a cookout and I didn't understand what she was doing--so I asked and the DUH moment sunk in. How could I not know this!! But, ever since, my kids laugh at me when make their pb&j's, but hey--it works and they are happy because there are no crusts! And I'm happy because I don't have to pay an arm and leg for the "real" uncrustables! Prepared to be shocked--
DIY Uncrustables

This takes a few seconds longer to prepare than your normal pb&j. Get your pb&j ingredients ready and grab a wide mouth glass.

Prepare your sandwich as usual. Now, set your glass over the sandwich. Press and turn.
DIY Uncrustable
Remove the glass.
DIY Uncrustable
Now, pull away the crust (and eat--I give you permission). TaDa--your very own, DIY Uncrustable! Save yourself some money and try this the next time you make pb&j's for your kiddo's!

DIY Uncrustable

Crazy, huh?


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