Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Bond of Sisterhood

Today, I'm writing to you about dealing with a friend in pain and the bond of sisterhood. I don't have any living blood sisters, but I have plenty of other sisters in my life. See, if you recall, I founded a Sorority with 15 other amazing women. And through the years, that Sorority has given me the greatest gift of sisterhood. Even those sisters that I didn't go to school with or perhaps only met briefly at a Sorority event 5 years ago or maybe I only know them through Facebook--they are still my sisters. We have an amazing bond. Let me share with you an example of what I'm talking about.

A short while ago, one of our sisters dealt with the tradegy of losing her daughter suddenly. It broke our hearts. We ached. Although we knew it was nothing compared to the pain our sister was going through. It sparked a long conversation thread on Facebook. Not only were we trying to wrap our heads around the situation (most of us have children the same age), we wanted to make sure some of us would be able to attend the wake/memorial as well as the funeral. And, we wanted to make sure we could do something for the family. Each of us took time to think about how we could help. We decided that the Sorority would send an floral arrangement to the services and the Alumni Association would purchase engravable wind chimes with the sweet child's name and dates as well as a fitting quote.

But, how can we show our support? One suggestion came out that we needed to be there for her not only now, but when the dust settles (so to speak) as they try to get back to daily activities and their new normal. We decided that we would put together a calendar with a  FAMILY HELPER. We'd each take a month and for the next year, we would do something for the family. We decided it could be a hand-written letter letting them know we care, a gift card for dinner out, a movie rental, dinner delivered, a small gift for their surviving son, etc. We also decided that we would include the same card each time so that she knew it was from the Sorority. And within a matter of hours, we had the calendar filled--each month with two helpers! Most of the sisters that came forward went to school with this sister, now grieving mother, but a few did not. It brings me such joy to know that through good times and bad, we are there for each other--just like real sisters. It's amazing that we can go 6 months or a year without seeing each other and picking up where we left off. Or, finding out that we live close by to a sister we haven't met yet and make it a point to meet each other and create a new friendship. That is the bond of sisterhood.

I hope our friend and sister will find comfort in our FAMILY HELPER.

I created a FREE Printable from a quote I found that I included with my card to the family at the wake. Just click and print.
Friends will be there quote

Have you done anything special for a grieving family? I'd love it if you would share.

God Bless You Grace, may you rest in peace sweet child.


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