Monday, October 15, 2012

Recycled Wine Bottle Craft

I've seen all over Pinterest things that crafters have done with wine bottles. Well, add me to that list. I've seen them cut the wine bottles (not ready for that yet!), ombre wine bottles, modge podge wine bottles, mosaic tiled wine bottles and plenty more. I decided you simply paint mine and add letters to build a word for my fall mantle. It was simple and took only minutes to complete (not counting the drying time of course). So, if you're a wine drinker, this is a simple project for you to complete!

I needed four wine bottles for my word: FALL
Black spray paint
Glitter Chip Board Letters (you could use vinyl, stickers, etc.)

Make sure the bottles are clean. I let them soak in soapy water, scrapped off the labels (they came right off) and then air dry. When I was ready to paint, I wiped them down quickly with some rubbing alcohol and let that dry (it only took a minute).
Spray the bottles with even strokes and let dry.
Apply the chip board letters with craft glue and allow to dry.
Done. Now, they are ready to display. I put mine on my mantel with wheat grass fillers that I picked up last year on clearance at Gordman's. I love the look!

Happy Fall! Stay tuned for my wine cork art piece!


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  1. Hi Cindy

    This is a great project. I'm featuring it at tomorrow's Thriving on Thursday party. Thanks so much for linking up.

    Anne xx

  2. I love it! The black bottles really show off the sparkly letters. Nice project and thank you for sharing it at the Crafty Cornucopia Challenge!

  3. Love these! Thanks for sharing at the Crafty Cornucopia Challenge :)


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