Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The END of 2013

This year has blown by. With lots of changes in my life over the course of 2013, I am excited to see what 2014 holds for me and my family.

I thought I would wrap up the last day of 2013 with my most popular posts. I'm surprised at a few, but overall I think I've got some great readers that LOVE the same things I do!

crazylou's Top 10 Posts of 2013

Starting from the bottom and moving closer to the most popular post...

10. 40 Blows!

9. S'more Popcorn

8. Easy Breakfast Casserole

7. 40th Birthday Gifts for Men

6. Healthy Protein Shake

5. Recycled Wine Bottle Craft


2. Hot Cheesy Dip

And the most POPLUAR post on Crazylou in 2013 was...

Awesome Dill Pickle Dip

Now...technically these aren't all originally from 2013. Some are from 2012, but because I finally figured out how to promote my blog and ever since I became active on Google +, these posts have found new life!

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Many thanks to all my readers. Thank you for giving me a reason to keep up with this blog. I love your comments, emails and interaction on the different social media outlets. I look forward to growing and expanding Crazylou in 2014!

Here's to a fabulous ending of 2013 and a joyous beginning to 2014!



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