Thursday, October 17, 2013

Immune Boosting Tips for Cold and Flu Season

I've got a special guest visiting today to give us tips on the Cold & Flu season. Let's see what we can learn!
Immune boosting tips for cold and flu season

Statistics show that roughly 80 percent of the population will catch at least one cold during the cold and flu season. The statistics for the flu are a little lower due to the flu shot. 

However, a flu shot does not guarantee you will not get the flu – each year scientist’s develop the flu shot based on three of the most “popular” strains of the flu virus. If you happen to catch one of the viruses that are not included in the flu shot then you are going to get the flu. 

Another factor to include in your fight against colds and the flu are the age of your child. You taught them to share and they love to share everything, especially the germs they bring home from school!

By boosting your immune system, you should be able to fight off those nasty cold and flu germs with a few simple tips. Even if your children are grown or you have no children, you are still exposed to germs every time you go out in public or someone enters your home that has been out in public where germs are spread.

Tips to Boost Your Immune System
        Eating a well-balanced diet, following the food pyramid is a great place to start. You already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a pastry is not the type of breakfast I am talking about. Your  lunch should have protein, dairy, vegetables and a fruit. For example, a chicken salad with a piece of fruit and a 6-ounce glass of milk is a perfect lunch and the same applies to dinner. If you need a snack, veggie sticks and peanut butter or broccoli with a little onion dip is a good choice.
        Drink plenty of water, water is necessary to keep your cells hydrated so they can help in the elimination process of toxins in your body. A build of toxins (which most people have) is a breeding ground for those nasty germs that cause the flu and colds.
        Get enough sleep while you sleep your body recharges itself. People underestimate the power of sleep. A lack of sleep puts a strain on the immune system.
        Exercise is also important. It does not have to be a strenuous workout that you dread, it can be something as simple as taking an evening walk.
        Keep your stress level under control. Stress is one of the first things to cause your immune system to break down. Learn to meditate, take a yoga class, and ask for help with household chores, at work or whatever you need help with.

Be sure to include a daily vitamin and mineral supplement just to make sure you are getting the amount of vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. If you start to get the sniffles or any cold or flu symptoms start treating them right away, this can cut down on the severity and length of time you have the cold or flu.

Tammy Mahan has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years. In her free time, she writes articles for Healthline.Com

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