Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Live Happy. Join the Movement.

It's Tuesday, but today, is not Tasty Tuesday. I'm taking a week off to share some very cool news with you today!

If you read the post awhile back when I told you about taking a leap, you know that I have my own business with Nerium International. You can read more about that leap here. Ever since the day I joined this company, I've been motivated to make a difference in other peoples lives.

Just a few days ago, Nerium International launched another company, Live Happy. This has totally blown me away. The belief is that if we choose happiness, it will spread and this world will be a much better place in which to live. How cool is that? They are publishing a monthly magazine, Live Happy, that will be available on magazine shelves starting today, October 22nd. Better yet, if you are Preferred Customer of Nerium, you will receive this magazine for FREE, as long as you remain a loyal customer.

Join the happiness movement! Go to: cindyrowe.mylivehappy.com to join for FREE!
Are you ready for a HAPPIER World?

I am!

This is from my Live Happy Website:

Live Happy is a place where you can claim responsibility for your own happiness while becoming a catalyst of happiness in the lives of others.

If we want things to change, we have to create the change - and we start by choosing positivity and happiness. Collectively, our commitment to long-lasting happiness can change the world.

Just imagine the possibilities if there were more happy and positive people in this world.

A world with more peace, optimism, and compassion is possible.

Like a pebble thrown into pond, it only takes one person to create ripples of happiness.

Happiness is so contagious and infectious, that one positive person can spread happiness to more than 1,000 people!

That means all it takes to create change on a global scale is...ONE PERSON


YOU can be the catalyst to spread it directly and indirectly.

Are YOU that one?

It STARTS with you, yet its BIGGER than you.

So are you ready? Join the movement. It's FREE. Click HERE NOW to join! Please spread the word, too and create your own happiness movement!

Order your own Live Happy Magazine subscription here. It's only $29.95 for 12 issues--that's a 60% savings off the newsstand price. This would make a perfect gift for the Holidays, too!!

Leave me a comment that you are committed to making the World a better place!


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