Friday, June 28, 2013

It's a PINTASTIC Friday! And week in pics, too!

Wow, we've had some crazy weather this week. Lots of rain and local flooding. Our summer nights are starting to free up now, too, thanks to the sports seasons for both kids wrapping up this week. I love watching them play, but could do without running all over the place for games and practices! We are also counting down for our vacation. Getting really excited!

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Here are some pictures from this week, which you probably have seen if you follow me on Instagram (find me @crazyloucreations):

Super Moon 2013
Did you catch the Super Moon over the weekend? I love how bright it was.
A neighbor of mine had a gathering at her house where we learned how to make our own homemade, natural products. I'll be doing a blog post about this soon! It was fun!
All of this rain has my herbs growing like crazy!
Here are my favorite PINS of the week, which will also be PINNED again to my PINASTIC Friday Board!
This salad looks so refreshing! YUM! Check it out over on!

This is taking the ice cream cakes to an entirely new level! Can't wait to make this for our next gathering! Get the scoop over at Blooming on Bainbridge!

Anyone else need to know this? Visit Creative Green Living for the how-to!
Have a great weekend! Can you believe 4th of July is already next week?????


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