Monday, May 6, 2013

{Simple} Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

This week we celebrate our Teachers! They are amazing people who help mold our children into great individuals. We have been blessed with awesome teachers for both of our children. Each year I try to do a little something during Teacher's Appreciation Week as well as the end of the year. This year those two events are very close together! Today I'm sharing what I did for our teachers a few years ago, only I gave this to them at Christmastime, not during Teacher's Appreciation week, but it still work great!

sorry for the picture quality--I took this before I decided to become a blogger!

This is an idea I got from my friend Kim--she made me one for my desk and I love it! It's so personal and functional! This gift starts with a simple acrylic picture frame you can pick up at the store for around $1.For Hailey's teacher, my daughter selected the scrapbook paper (cut to size) to match the sticky note pad (I got this personalized through VistaPrint for practically pennies--I think it was a Black Friday sale!). I added the ribbon and the adhesive scrapbook letter.

So, what do you think? This would literally take 5 minutes to put together and is could be less than $5 to make! Pair it with a gift card to their favorite store and you're done! You've got a useful, meaningful gift to give to your favorite teacher!

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  1. As a teacher, I can tell you that we certainly don't expect gifts. When we receive them, though, it totally makes us smile. And the fact that it's a functional gift is awesome! (We can only use so many knickknacks and whatnot!)

  2. Cute idea! :)

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