Monday, May 20, 2013

Super Cool Science Project

Today is the official "LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!" The kids are out for the summer in just a few short hours! Yikes! Since I work full-time, the summer schedule for the kiddos always seems more stressful than it should be! But, at least the kids are excited for the break!

Just a week ago, we had our School Science Fair, and Carson decided to participate. He wanted a "cool" project. So, what does a crafty mom do? Yep, I went on Pinterest! I found that I had already pinned this PIN, so I printed it off and showed him and he thought it looked "super cool." Bonus! It looked fun and appeared to not take a long time to put together OR a lot of supplies. SUPER BONUS!

Pop Rocks Science Project

It was a success! And, for the most part, Carson did the project on his own. He gave me his own words on why/how it worked, and I printed it out on the computer and made fancy letters for the display board on my Cricut!

So here's the fun experiement:

from Steve Spangler Science

16-20 oz bottles of soda pop (we used 6 different varieties)
Individual packets of Pop Rocks (one for each bottle of pop)
Balloons (one for each bottle of pop)

1. Carefully pour Pop Rocks into a balloon. We (the parents) did this part. One of us held the balloon open while the other poured. You could also use a small funnel if you had one handy.

2. Remove lid from the pop bottle. Carefully place the Pop Rock filled balloon over the pop bottle opening. DO NOT POUR POP ROCKS IN YET. Parents are good at doing this job, too.
3. Turn the balloon upside down and dump the Pop Rocks into the pop. Watch what happens! ( I love his reaction in this picture!)

Pop Rocks Experiment

4. The Pop Rocks and Pop both contain Carbon Dioxide. When they are mixed together, the gases create bubbles and air, which fill up the balloon. So fun! We tested Mello Yello, Sunkist and Root Beer. We voted and thought that the Root Beer and Sunkist would produce the biggest balloon. Look what won:
Pop Rocks Science Project
The Mello Yello! And during the Science Fair, we tried Sprite, Diet Coke and Coke. Carson voted for Diet Coke and we voted for Coke. Coke won this time, but in all fairness, the Diet Coke balloon had a leak in it when we put it over the pop bottle!
Pop Rocks Science Project

Carson had fun! He earned a certificate and ribbon for participating. They also handed out Door Prizes and his name was selected for that, too! See, science can be fun!

Thanks for stopping over today! Hope your week is off to a great start! Have any tips for me to keep my kiddos occupied all summer? Please comment below! Thanks!

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